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With his work at Viacom Velocity, Tommy has written and produced integrated spots for VH1's Barely Famous and pitched concepts to several clients.


Through his work at MTV/LOGO, Tommy has written and produced two seasons of RuVealed episodics and promos, along with the promos and interstitials for Day Camp (LOGO's day time programming), Snark Week, and the Golden Girl's 30th Anniversary which won him a PromaxBDA Gold award for his writing. Most recently he worked on the campaign for Finding Prince Charming.


He also wrote and produced the launch for DTF (Down to Friday) and RuPaul's Christmas and New Year's specials, as well as assisted the writers of the RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 launch.


Tommy also wrote, produced, and edited important topical cards for the network, helping to raise awareness for World AIDS Day, LGBTQ Pride Month, Gay Marriage, and World CP Day among others.


As a filmmaker, Tommy has produced, written, and directed a handful of successful short films focused on bringing diversity not only to the screen but also behind the scenes.